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Date 9/19/18

When any one of our clients subscribes to our services, they entrust us with their personal information. Understanding the responsibility that places on our shoulders we work hard and offer you the best protection we can and make sure that only you are in control of your data.

This page is meant to disclose all the information our users would require to understand our privacy policy better. How we manage, collect and handle that data and how it is always kept safe.


We offer you services that require your information as to help us provide you with a more tailored experience.

  • The services we offer include historical and cultural knowledge on various topics as well as the current affairs relating back to those events.
  • Searching for subjects and content relating to Halloween including images for fair use.

The way you can use our premium facilities is to subscribe to our site. In doing so, we will be asking for your consent and personal information. The process is similar to making an email with some optional additional data that you can input.


Why We Collect Information:

The data that is collected is solely for the improvement of our individual user’s experience. From basic things such as your preferred language to more complex issue like what kind of adds would you see as useful, all such conclusions are made from evaluating your data. When you are signed in to our website, we use various means of collecting informant such as cookies. All of such methods are used to specify what kind of browser, application or device you are currently using so we can better adjust our site and the content on it to better suit your needs.

What you provide to us:

Information that you provide to us includes things such as your name, email, and password. In addition to that, some of the more optional items that you can give us are your phone number and or information about your Google accounts.

We also keep track of all your logins as well as your current location, if you choose to provide it. That way we can offer you are more localized experienced in terms of ads and deals. Another significant portion of our attention is on the kind of content you frequently visit as to notify you the very second similar material is available on our site.

Moreover, similarly, we take note of the ads you click on as to make sure only to show you such advertisements that would be considerable for you. However, all of that is just done if you offer us the consent to do so.




Your location is calculated through the collection of the following things.

  • GPS
  • IP address
  • The information you provide to us.

Knowing your location allows us to make sure we offer you the content that is most relevant to your location. Moreover, as we have mentioned before there are no third parties that will be exposed to your personal data. All of you information remains safe with us in our archives.


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